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At SPC commercial cleaning, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch commercial cleaning services that go above and beyond our clients’ expectations

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At SPC commercial cleaning, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch commercial cleaning services that go above and beyond our clients’ expectations. Our goal is to establish and upkeep prosperous and enjoyable environments that foster productivity. We prioritize the human element in our brand and measure our achievements by our ability to view our clients as individuals, not just statistics or business opportunities.

List of Industries: including general office, healthcare, education, manufacturing, hospitality, restaurant, and retail. This highlights the diversity of their clientele and their ability to cater to specific industry standards and regulations.

The provided text outlines a comprehensive cleaning checklist for lobbies in various timeframes – daily, weekly, and monthly. This checklist covers various cleaning tasks to ensure the lobby remains clean and well-maintained.

Here’s a breakdown of the tasks:

Daily Lobby Cleaning Tasks:

Exteriors and Entryways

Clean the exterior steps and landings, wipe down door handles, and check for smudges and scuffs.

Elevators and Stairways

Sanitize touchpoints inside elevators, wipe down stair handrails, and empty trash cans.

Lobby Floors

Sweep, vacuum, or mop busy lobby floors. Use appropriate equipment to maintain indoor air quality.

General Daily Duties

Wipe down furniture and surfaces, sanitize touchpoints, keep trash cans emptied and lined, and inspect and clean lobby restrooms.

Weekly Lobby Cleaning Checklist:


Clean glass doors and vestibule partitions, polish hardware, and check floor mats for wear.

Lobby Windows

Polish windows inside and out, dust sills and frames, freshen window covers, and clean blinds.

Walls and Doors

Spot clean walls and doors, wipe down door hardware and frames, and dust baseboards and trim.

Lobby Floors

Inspect and clean vinyl flooring, hardwood floors, and carpets, with extra attention to high-traffic areas.

Lobby Furniture and Fixtures

Polish wood and metal furniture, vacuum under cushions, fluff and turn cushions, and dust lamps and light fixtures.

Lobby Restrooms

Wipe down and sanitize walls, stall doors, partitions, sinks, urinals, and hard-to-reach areas behind toilets.

Monthly Lobby Cleaning Procedures:

Walls and Baseboards

Thoroughly clean walls and baseboards, including hidden areas behind furniture.

Overhead Fixtures and Trim

Clean overhead light fixtures, ceiling fans, tops of doors, door and window frames, and wainscoting.

HVAC System

Change air vent filters, check for debris or pest infestations, and secure grills.

Lobby Restrooms

Inspect for mold, mildew, sink and floor drain clogs, and unpleasant odors.

This detailed checklist ensures that lobbies remain clean, presentable, and well-maintained in both daily and less frequent cleaning tasks, contributing to a pleasant and welcoming environment for visitors and occupants.